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At O’Connell Family Law, we can help you through all the legal matters arising from relationship breakdown. We understand the complexity that family law issues can cause, which is why we employ a pragmatic and specialised approach to reach solutions that allow you to move forward with your life. 

With over 17 years of experience in family law, our team takes the time to understand your family situation. We advise you on the optimal route to resolution where Court is always the last resort. We can work with you to negotiate, mediate or collaborate so that all parties are in a position to move forward with their lives in the most pragmatic and peaceful way possible. 

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of all areas of family law, including divorce & separation, same sex relationships, children’s issues, grandparent (or other non-parent carers) involvement, property settlement, Binding Financial Agreements, superannuation splits, legal aid and more. 

We know that such issues are not always straightforward, so be sure to talk to a professional regarding possible resolutions before your family law issues become overwhelming.

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Children's Issues

Matters that involve children can be quite complicated and extraordinarily sensitive, so we take great pride in offering an empathetic service that makes the law simple for you to understand. We can talk you through practical solutions that focus on the best interests of children, to ensure they maintain healthy relationships, continued learning and overall growth. We can also assist with other matters relating to the care of children such as child support, whether it is administered via Child Support - Services Australia (formerly known as the Child Support Agency) or through agreement requiring a Binding Child Support Agreement.

Property Settlement

When settling financial disputes, we ensure that your best interests are at the core of our approach. We have expertise in all areas of financial matters, from the most modest estates to complex multi-million dollar disputes involving corporate entities and third parties. We also commonly deal with trusts, companies and self managed super funds and spousal maintenance, so whatever your matter involves, we will be able to assist and to engage with other experts such as accountants and financial planners to work through it together.

Consent Orders

An Application for Consent Orders is the most common mechanism to make your agreement legally binding, whether it is related to parenting, property, superannuation or otherwise. Often the hardest part is reaching agreement first - we can then easily guide you through the process of how to protect yourself moving forward by making the agreement final.

Assistance At Court

Going to Court over family law matters is always the last resort, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to protect your children or your assets, and other times you may find yourself in this position unwillingly if your former partner has initiated the proceedings. Either way, we have significant experience navigating the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia system, and assist you with advice and representation every step of the way.

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At O’Connell Family Law, we take the time to understand you and your family, and we are committed to guiding you towards your best outcome every step of the way. Having practised in Family Law for over 17 years, we use our expertise to act fast and protect your interests, and where possible settle your case at the earliest opportunity with your desired outcomes in mind. We emphasise that disputes are best negotiated or mediated out of court, but if the matter escalates and litigation is necessary, we are prepared to fight for your rights. Follow the steps outlined below to get the ball rolling.

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We will hear your story, give you general advice about your legal options, and give you an estimate on costs and time frame. Free by telephone for up to 30 minutes.

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